Page 10 - The Sirian Seal
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Now more than ever, as we steady our course through the stormy 

waters of our volatile reality, we need to be clear and aware of how 

we are being affected by all that permeates our immediate space, 

shifting our energies and altering our perceptions. The wisdom must 

truly be our own – brought to glisten in the light of our 

consciousness from the treasure chests of our souls.

As the universe dances to the music of its higher harmonic vibrations, 

we too must step up our frequencies – to be bathed in the brilliance 

and attune to the new energies that permeate our lives, the world and 

our solar realm.

Etheric Form

Since I will refer to the ‘aura’ in this text, it is best that I first attempt 

to define it, as I interpret what it is intended to mean in the context of 

the Council’s teachings.

Consider that when we refer to the auric field, we are actually 

conceptualizing the emanations of the etheric body that permeate 

the physical form, just as they extend beyond it. The etheric sheath, 

which lies just inches from the physical layer, serves as a transmitter 

and receiver of the mental, emotional and physical energies of the 

being, emanating into a greater field, the aura, which can expand to 

form a close knit web around the body or, in the case of great 

spiritualists and masters, can actually extend miles from one’s 

physical form.

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