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my care and above ALL things, I wanted to tell my children the Truth as far as I 

was able to determine it. And that certainly meant that I should put forth all efforts 
to determine what that truth was before I gave it to them. After all, if your child 

asks for bread, will you give him a stone? If he asks for fish, will you give him a 

serpent? I wanted to give my children the very best I could, and that was, at the 

foundation, the primary motivation for my search for the truth: Love for my 

You could say that Love for my babies gave me the courage to begin to look at 

my own faith in a critical way, and then to search for the answers to their 

And so it still is.

What this amounted to was to apply the scientific method to the study of religion 

and “deeper realities” - things that went beyond the physics of materialism.

I discovered that I wasn’t the first one who had thought about doing this and so 
there was certainly a large body of material to go through. And I have been doing 

it in a concentrated and systematic way for over 20 years now.

The Cassiopaean Communication was only a part of this process. Looking back 

on this experiment in accessing “higher consciousness” which, at that point, I only 

theorized might exist, there is a lot to be said for the idea that most of what has 
come “from the C’s” could very well have come from my own subconscious. 

After all, I had spent nearly my whole life reading everything from history to 

psychology. The phenomenon of the scientist working on a difficult problem who 

then, after he has examined all the parameters, dreams of a novel way to put the 
different parts together that solves the problem is well known in the history of 

science. The discovery of the benzene ring is a case in point. So it isn’t too much 

of a stretch to say that the material that came “from the C’s”, who clearly stated 

“we are YOU in the future”, was merely a similar process.
The attentive reader may notice that most of the C’s material has to do with 

history and the hidden motivations for the events in our world. These were 

certainly the things that concerned me - events and choices of action and being 

that could lead to a positive future or a negative future - and so, perhaps my vast 
reading was sorted and assembled in novel ways by my own subconscious mind or 

superconscious mind.

Be that as it may, it does not, in my opinion, at all detract from the usefulness of 

the material. The discovery of the benzene ring came from a dream and led to a 
breakthrough in science. And so it has seemed that the concerted effort to examine 

all the parameters of reality, and then to “allow” it to sort itself and “come out” in 

a novel process of reassembly, has proven very fruitful in many respects.

Ark discussed the essential nature of this approach recently in an exchange with 

Robin Amis, the editor and commentator of Boris Mouravieff‘s Gnosis:

Ark to Robin Amis:

You stated that:

1) Scientific method has its limitations.

2) Knowledge should be understood in broader terms so as to include, for instance 

“noetic knowledge”. In particular:

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