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The Secret History of the World

balance, preparing to fall into a hole so deep and dark that we shall never come out 

of it?

There are two main theories of the future - that of a predestined future and that 

of a free future. The theory of predestination asserts that every future event is the 
result of past events and if we know all the past then we could know all the future.

The idea of a free future is based on quantum “probabilities”. The future is either 

only partially determined or undetermined because of the varied interactions 

possible at any given point. This idea of “free will” says that quite deliberate 
volitional acts may bring about a subsequent change in events. Those who support 

predestination say that so-called “voluntary” actions are, in fact, not, but are rather 

the results of incompletely understood causes which have made them imperative 

acts -- in short, nothing is accidental.
On the one hand we have “cold predestination” come what may, nothing can be 

changed -- on the other hand we have a reality which is only a point on some sort 

of needle named the present surrounded on all sides by the Gulf of Nonexistence - 

a world which is born and dies every moment.
During those early days of asking questions outside of my “standard religious 

faith”, I came across an idea put forth by P.D. Ouspensky in his book Tertium 


“At every given moment all the future of the world is predestined and existing, but 

it is predestined conditionally, i.e., there must be one or another future in 
accordance with the direction of events of the given moment, if no new factor 

comes in. And a new factor can come in only from the side of consciousness and 

the will resulting from it. In the past, what is behind us, lies not only in what was, 
but also in what could have been. In the same way, in the future lies not only what 

will be but also what may be.”

In other words, there was the possibility - just a suggestion, mind you - that 
human beings might be able to choose something different than the future that was 

obviously developing all around us. It was clear to me that such a choice could 

only be made if one made an effort to “predict” the future. In other words, the only 

way to know the right choice of the moment was to have some idea of the 

Of course, the “standard religions” all around us are suggesting something of 

that sort all the time: their solution is that the only change human beings can make 

is to “choose the right god” and believe in him strongly enough that this god will 

step in and fix things right up, either by miraculously intervening in reality, or at 
least hauling the good people out of the soup at some future time when they have 

proved themselves AND, at the same time, making all those nasty people who bet 

on the wrong horse suffer!

It was at this point that I decided that I really ought to check out all the various 
religions and their “track records”, so to say in order to determine which was the 

“right god”, After all, since there exists such diversity of beliefs around the globe, 

the assumption is that either somebody is right, excluding all others, or that 

nobody is right, including all.
With the world in an obvious mess, with every preacher in just about every 

church across America passionately declaring that “The End is Nigh”, I decided 

that I had better get moving on this project. After all, I had these small beings in

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