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disturbing properties. Who has really seen matter or force? We think we see matter 

in motion, but physics has shown us that what we see is an illusion. When we try 
to focus on it, a quantum particle/wave is an infinite-dimensional entity incapable 

of being perceived, in that instant, as a three-dimensional body moving through 

space. When we look away, the quantum particle/wave acts like a wave of pure 

energy - invisible force.
So, just what is matter? What is this estate in which we find our existence? Does 

the physical run out when it becomes invisible? Obviously not, as we cannot see 

electricity and other forces in the universe measurable only by their effect upon 

“matter”. Do these forces run out when they become undetectable by our senses or 
by our instruments? Do the things we detect with the subtle mechanisms of our 

mind and emotions not exist simply because we cannot see or measure them?

Science hands those questions over to religion and basically, we are told to 

“believe what you like” in that area because science isn’t in the business of 
describing things it cannot materially weigh or measure. There is a not-so-subtle 

implication in such a view that it really doesn’t matter what a person believes 

anyway because, as Danish physicist Niels Bohr put it, “There is no deep reality!”

So, for those people who have the idea that there is something “deeper”, some 

“meaning” to life, if you want to put it that way, there is really only one place to 
go for answers: religion, of which there are three major ones in the world today, 

all of them “Monotheistic” and based, essentially, on a single religion, Judaism.

The Bible says, “In the Beginning, God created the heaven and the earth”. 

Neither the Bible nor science has much to say about what happened before the 
beginning. St. Augustine was once asked the question “What was God doing 

before He created the world?”. The Bishop’s rejoinder: “Creating Hell for those 

who ask that question!”, put a period to such inquiries. Few have asked it since.

There are, of course, various “interpretations” of the teachings of Monotheism 
that exist inside and outside of the “orthodox” explanations. Some interpreters say 

that the only meaning to life is in spiritual self-improvement and creating a better 

future in the afterlife, or in future lives. Other interpreters say that the meaning to 

life lies in working to dissolve the ego into nothingness. Among the more recent 
variations is the idea that the true purpose of life is to align our “self-created 

realities” so that they become as one, and thereby we may achieve a unified race, 

which will either “ascend” or will survive beyond predicted cataclysms for a 

thousand years before things wind down a bit into the usual state of decay. 
Naturally this effect can only be initiated and maintained by a group effort at 

consciousness raising. There are other ideas and combinations of ideas similar to 

these -- all leading where?

Are we, in fact, an accident of evolution in an accidental universe, on a race to 

nowhere except oblivion? Or, worse still, are our very minds - our belief in and 
desire for knowledge of higher things - our greatest flaw? Are we damned by our 

religion for asking such questions, or ridiculed by science for thinking that they 

even ought to be asked? The choice seems to be between a sick joke and a 

Yet, the question must be asked: why do we live in a world in which material 

extinction is a real possibility? Are we truly on the edge of an abyss, losing our

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