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The Secret History of the World

“break it to them” that this world into which they have been born is so frightening 

and uncertain and full of traps that not only are their lives in constant danger, their 

very souls may be in peril?

How could I tell that to my children??? 
If it was true, I HAD to tell them.

But what if it wasn’t true?


I knew one thing and one thing only: I wanted more than anything in the world 
to tell my children the truth, to prepare them for whatever might lie ahead of them 

in their lives. And the question burned inside me: What if I told those little beings 

who I loved more than my own life a LIE? What kind of a mother would I be? 

What kind of “Mother Love” is that?
The End of the World is an idea, which has fascinated man for all recorded 

history and perhaps beyond. In every religion, philosophy, and mystery teaching, 

there are hints, allusions or outright claims to knowledge of this purported end to 

man’s current status on the earth.
Some teachings say that the earth itself will cease to exist. Others proclaim that 

man will cease to exist in material form; still others claim a great judgment day, in 

which the wicked are wiped from the face of the planet while the “saved” are 

rescued in some miraculous fashion to return and inhabit a new, heaven-like “City 
of God”. The persistence of these ideas and their prevalence is centered around the 

idea that man began somewhere, sometime, somehow, and will therefore come to 

an end somewhere, sometime, somehow.

This assumption is born of the conscious mind’s tendency to think in linear 

terms. Scientific materialism has carried this tendency to the ultimate heights: 
“The world must have been born, therefore, it must die”. Also, scientific 

materialism claims nothingness before birth and nothingness after death. Scientific 

philosophies refer to the “accidental mechanicalness” of the universe and teach us 

that the only meaning to life is no meaning at all. “Eat, drink, and be merry for 
tomorrow you may die”, and then -- oblivion.

Scientifically speaking, for a long time matter and motion were accepted as the 

basis of reality and, to a great extent, continue to be. Yet, in actual fact, matter and 

motion are unknown quantities x and y, and are always defined by means of one 
another. It is an absurdity to define one unknown by means of another! What this 

means is that science defines matter as that which moves, and defines motion as 

changes in matter. The “Big Bang” or Cosmic Firecracker theory is explained in 

these terms. A primal atom, (matter), of incredible density “exploded” into motion. 
(Where the primal atom came from, how the space it exploded into came into 

being, and where the impetus for this event originated, are still on the drawing 

board.) And from this event, our universe and the life within it just sort of 

“accidentally” happened. Man is the “amoral end of a deadly biological 
evolution”. The mind and soul are inexplicable byproducts of the struggle for 


To the average person, a table, a chair, an orange, is a real object. They have 

dimension -- three, to be exact - they are real. But are they? The physicist (and the 

knowledgeable layperson) knows that the object is composed of atoms. And there 
lies the rub! The dissected atom (quantum particles) often displays some very

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