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In India there are great schools of Yoga, comprising thousands of the leading 

minds of that great country. The Yoga philosophy is the rule of life for many 

people. The pure Yogi teachings, however, are given only to the few, the masses 

being satisfied with the crumbs which fall from the tables of the educated classes, 

the Oriental custom in this respect being opposed to that of the Western world. 

But Western ideas are beginning to have their effect even in the Orient, and 

teachings which were once given only to the few are now freely offered to any who 

are ready to receive them. The East and the West are growing closer together, and 

both are profiting by the close contact, each influencing the other.

The Hindu Yogis have always paid great attention to the Science of Breath, for 

reasons which will be apparent to the student who reads this book. Many Western 

writers have touched upon this phase of the Yogi teachings, but we believe that it 

has been reserved for the writer of this work to give to the Western student, in 

concise form and simple language, the underlying principles of the Yogi Science of 

Breath, together with many of the favourite Yogi breathing exercises and methods. 

We have given the Western idea as well as the Oriental, showing how one dovetails 

into the other. We have used the ordinary English terms, almost entirely, avoiding 
the Sanscrit terms, so confusing to the average Western reader.

The first part of the book is devoted to the physical phase of the Science of Breath; 
then the psychic and mental sides are considered, and finally the spiritual side is 

touched upon.

We may be pardoned if we express ourselves as pleased with our success in 

condensing so much Yogi lore into so few pages, and by the use of words and 

terms which may be understood by anyone. Our only fear is that its very simplicity 

may cause some to pass it by as unworthy of attention, while they pass on their 

way searching for something "deep," mysterious and non-understandable. 

However, the Western mind is eminently practical, and we know that it is only a 

question of a short time before it will recognize the practicability of this work.

We greet our students, with our most profound salaam, and bid them be seated for 

their first lessons in the Yogi Science of Breath.

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