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It has control of the main internal organs of man, and plays a much more 

important part than is generally recognized. We will not go into the Yogi theory 

regarding the Solar Plexus, further than to say that they know it as the great 

central storehouse of Prana. Men have been known to be instantly killed by a 

severe blow over the Solar Plexus, and prize fighters recognize its vulnerability and 

frequently temporarily paralyze their opponents by a blow over this region.

The name "Solar" is well bestowed on this "brain," as it radiates strength and 

energy to all parts of the body, even the upper brains depending largely upon it as 

a store house of Prana. Sooner or later Western science will fully recognize the real 

function of the Solar Plexus, and will accord to it a far more important place than it 

now occupies in their textbooks and teachings.

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