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The many powers attributed to advanced occultists is due largely to their 

knowledge of this fact and their intelligent use of this stored-up energy. The Yogis 

know that by certain forms of breathing they establish certain relations with the 

supply of prana and may draw on the same for what they require.

Not only do they strengthen all parts of their body in this way, but the brain itself 

may receive increased energy from the same source, and latent faculties be 

developed and psychic powers attained. One who has mastered the science of 

storing away prana, either consciously or unconsciously, often radiates vitality and 

strength which is felt by those coming in contact with him, and such a person may 

impart this strength to others, and give them increased vitality and health. What is 

called "magnetic healing" is performed in this way, although many practitioners 

are not aware of the source of their power.

Western scientists have been dimly aware of this great principle with which the air 

is charged, but finding that they could find no chemical trace of it, or make it 

register on any of their instruments, they have generally treated the Oriental 

theory with disdain. They could not explain this principle, and so denied it. They 
seem, however, to recognize that the air in certain places possesses a greater 

amount of "something " and sick people are directed by their physicians to seek 

such places in hopes of regaining lost health.

The oxygen in the air is appropriated by the blood and is made use of by the 

circulatory system. The prana in the air is appropriated by the nervous system, 

and is used in its work. And as the oxygenated blood is carried to all parts of the 

system, building up and replenishing, so is the prana carried to all parts of the 

nervous system, adding strength and vitality. If we think of prana as being the 

active principle of what we call "vitality," we will be able to form a much clearer idea 

of what an important part it plays in our lives. Just as is the oxygen in the blood 

used up by the wants of the system, so the supply of prana taken up by the 

nervous system is exhausted by our thinking, willing, acting, etc., and in 

consequence constant replenishing is necessary. Every thought, every act, every 

effort of the will, every motion of a muscle, uses up a certain amount of what we 

call nerve force, which is really a form of prana. To move a muscle the brain sends 

out an impulse over the nerves, and the muscle contracts, and so much prana is 

expended. When it is remembered that the greater portion of prana acquired by 

man comes to him from the air inhaled, the importance of proper breathing is 

readily understood.

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