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For the time being we have to admit that we do not 

possess any general theoretical basis for physics which 

can be regarded as its logical foundation.

Albert Einstein

Imagine someone holding forth on biology whose only 

knowledge of the subject is ‘The Book of British Birds’, 

and you have a rough idea of what it is to read Richard 

Dawkins on theology.

Terry Eagleton

Is the study of philosophy and theology a waste of 

time? Hawking, a notorious atheist, looks at his screen, 

and grimaces . ‘Yes’, he says, finally. ‘Most of it is 

based on a complete disregard of observational 


. more than one scientist suggests that it is only when 

the LHC, the world’s largest particle accelerator, is up 

and running that Hawking’s most famous theories - 

particularly those that pertain to black holes - might be 

[observationally] proven. Does he think this is likely? 

‘.I'm not holding my breath. ’

Interview with Stephen Hawking (Rachel Cooke, Guardian)


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