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In contrast to the sterile Eurocentric and Western debate 

between religionists and anti-religionists, religious ‘theists’ 

and secular or scientific ‘a-theists’, I argue also that God’s 

reality is not a question of the ‘existence’ or ‘non-existence’ 

of some sort of supreme being ‘with’ consciousness. Instead 

the essential reality of God is consciousness, a supreme or 

universal consciousness of the sort recognised in Indian 

philosophy - one that cannot be reduced to the property of 

any thing or being that comes to stand out or ‘ex-ist’ within 


Whatever your standpoint on God however, The Science 

Delusion raises two important questions:

(1) why is it politically and culturally acceptable to 

question the rationality of religious belief in the existence of 

an invisible God, a belief shared by both Newton and 

Einstein, but politically and culturally ‘incorrect’ to question 

- as did both Newton and Einstein - scientific belief in an 

invisible force called Gravity ?

(2) what are the new waves of religious fundamentalism a 

reaction to? Is it that religious fundamentalists are just mad 

or bad, or are they just unconsciously reacting to the rise of a 

new religion – ‘science’? For despite its global authority - 

and in the absence of anyone to play the role of ‘God’s 

Galileo’ - this is a religion whose own fundamentalist


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