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The aim of this work is not to defend any specific 

religious doctrines or dogmas, but rather to offer a timely 

counterpart to the new wave of aggressive anti-religionism 

exemplified by Richard Dawkins’ ‘scientific’ critique of The 

God Delusion.

It does so by critically examining the supposed 

rationality of ‘science’ itself, showing that it is as much based 

on unquestioned assumptions and dogmatic beliefs – 

accepted entirely on faith – as the most ‘fundamentalist’ of 


The words ‘science’, ‘conscience’ and ‘consciousness’ all 

stem from the Latin scire – ‘to know’ - a verb whose root 

meaning is ‘to cut through’.

By ‘cutting through’ the countless common myths and 

delusions that make up our idea of ‘science’, as well as those 

that science itself fosters and is founded upon, I offer a 

‘heretical’ challenge to the quasi-religious authority and 

almost totalitarian hegemony that the scientific world-view 

wields in today’s globalised Western media and culture - a 

culture in which deference to ‘The Science’ has become as 

automatic as deference to ‘The Church’ used to be 

in medieval Europe.


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