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some fundamental concept, such as Contact with the Source, I might find 

it made prominent from, say, about page 1200 to about 1300, but already 

on page 4 something had been said so apposite that it must be fitted into 

the later, more extended discussion

And that did not work either. If I quoted a passage entire, it was too 

long. Worse yet, the new sequence could not be made to behave any more 

than had the chronological method, because it, too, skipped about. My 

brother Harwood did grand work in searching records, correlating them, 

showing their connection. I did a lot of writing. At last we produced 

something—not the right something. None the less we agreed to be 

satisfied. And then, as I was ready to pass the manuscript on to the 

publishers, Betty herself, through Joan, of The Unobstructed Universe, 

turned it down flat. It must be done over again.

"You have," said Betty, reinforced by her coadjutors—I here adopt their 

own bold habit of putting a condensation, though an accurate one, in 

quotes—"collected an admirable lot of building blocks. Good building 

blocks. Your trouble is that you are trying to use them undressed for the 

job, and even yet you are influenced by the chronological order of their 

delivery." Now I will begin to quote the Invisibles verbatim. "You see, 

Betty was drilled, drilled, drilled for twenty years, over and over again in 

the same things, with enormous elaboration in her instruction. Of course 


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