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When once I had got that through my head, the reason for a number of 

things became clear to me. As, for instance, the Invisibles' maddening 

habit of abandoning one subject for another, and yet another; returning to 

each, apparently at random, and certainly at odd times. Now I was able to 

see that what my logical mind had wanted to be a building process, one 

brick on another, was in fact the aforesaid developing-out, the whole 

image becoming more and more defined only as the development 

proceeded. Whatever might be the illusion of a step-by-step-graded- 

school; I now saw, as I struggled to work out a chronological presentation 

of the material, it came about because the Invisibles had successively 

brought to major prominence, one after the other, single details of the 

whole image, subduing temporarily all the rest. But never was a detail so 

clarified as to obviate their need for back-tracking. They were inveterate 


Realization that chronology offered no satisfactory frame for this story 

cleared my mind for a re-write. To do this re-write I had to use a card- 

index system and from it take all that had been said on any particular 

phase, whenever and wherever, and then piece it together into a cohering 

pattern. I had already found that method necessary in making The Betty 

Book, but as the latter dealt only with beginnings, and as this book dealt 

with the whole picture, I assumed it to be outmoded. So I did it in that 

sequence. For example, in dealing with

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