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written. Therefore, as I am a writer of books, I set blithely about it.

No light job, I realized. I must tell the story as clearly and simply as 

possible; I must be accurate, for this sort of thing depends on its integrity; 

I must use, of those two hundred thousand words, only about one-fifth, 

lest the reader be confused as well as bored by the repetition necessary for 

the perfection of Betty's instruction.

My first attempt was to follow chronology and to quote from the 

records verbatim such excerpts as would best illustrate each step of Betty's 

progress; with, of course, the necessary editorial connective tissue. That 

did not work at all. Betty's instruction was indeed from simple to complex. 

But definitely it was not chronological. Her orderly graduation from grade 

to grade was an illusion. My re-perusal of the record made clear to me that 

actually, in essence, she was given the whole thing at once. I can go back 

now and perceive that the whole plan and the whole accomplishment is 

laid out in the first hundred or so pages. In other words, Betty was 

exposed to the entire experience and instruction much as a photographic 

film is exposed—sharply to the dot of the opening and closing of the 

shutter. But, just as the image resulting is latent and must be developed 

out, so was Betty's comprehension and control latent, and it too must be 

developed out. Her training was just that.

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