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Thistory of this book is in itself an interesting and amusing narrative. 

After the publication of The Unobstructed Universe, Betty informed us 

that some time must elapse before she would be ready to give another 

"divulgence." So it occurred to me to examine once again the records of 

the work Betty did while she was still here. Twice already they had been 

combed for material—the extracts used in making The Betty Book and 

Across the Unknown. While those two books dealt to a large degree with 

Betty's training, the effort had been to select material from a viewpoint of 

universal application. Now another viewpoint might prove valuable—that 

of Betty's own education irrespective of any concern with others than 


Perhaps it was largely for my own satisfaction; in any case I did again 

go through the roughly million and a quarter words that were the records 

of Betty's work while here. Passages directed at her personally, and no 

one else, I red-penciled. Next I cut them out and pasted them seriatim. 

They totaled nearly two hundred thousand words. For the first time I read 

them consecutively; and realized that, even with no further arrangement, I 

had a narrative. Furthermore, it had growth-interest, it moved, it 

climaxed—most gloriously, I thought. Here was obviously a book to be


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