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—for herself or her pet charity—if measurement would prove that claim; 

and a further offer of one hundred dollars if she would be measured at all! 

These offers she always refused with dignity. Nevertheless her 

proportions were so harmonious, and she carried herself with so spirited a 

lift of the head that her tiny stature had its own unique personality. People 

called her "exquisite"; I suppose that was the adjective most often used to 

describe her. Also she seemed to have the secret of perpetual youth. Until 

her last illness at fifty-nine, her figure was as slender and well-formed; her 

hair as soft and abundant and brown—she never had a gray hair; her skin 

as smooth; her cheeks as shell pink as at twenty-five. This is not my 

own—and fatuous—opinion, but the occasion for wondering remark by so 

many of her friends that I have to believe it factually true.

"Why!" exclaimed a visitor, seeing her in bed with her hair about her on 

the pillow, "she's just like a little girl!"

The statement of all this would have slight importance, were it not for 

the possibility—worth considering—that this too may well be the 

"outward and visible sign" of that inner thing she called radiation—her 

development of which we are to deal with in this book.

Continuing for the moment with the physical, Betty's small body was 

soft and feminine, but somewhere in it—or in the spirit that animated it— 

dwelt a deceptive

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