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Stewart Edward White has also written


"An all-absorbing story of Psychic Development which started in fun and ended in 

Philosophy bridging the world of flesh with the world of spirit. Of interest to the skeptic, 

the student and the mourner, as well as the casual reader of things hidden from the 

average mind:' —The Occult Digest

ACROSS THE UNKNOWN (with Harwood White)

"It is an attempt to explain comprehensively to the uninitiated a glimpse of a fuller life as

prescribed by personalities of another and higher life:' —San Diego Union


"This is a spiritualistic book of an unusually philosophic nature, and whatever may be 

the source of its arguments they are largely in harmony with the Theosophical position."

—The Theosophical Forum

"Interesting and valuable for its philosophical emphasis on the oneness of all, the reality 

of the spiritual and the necessity of belief in immortality if civilization is to find the 

values and follow the principles that alone can make for peace." —The Churchman

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