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I write this book for three reasons: First, to satisfy numerous 

readers of The Unobstructed Universe—the third of the so-called "Betty 

books" and dictated by her through another psychic after her death—who 

demand insistently to know "how Betty got that way"; second, to answer 

questions from the many who, in one way or another, are setting out on 

the path Betty followed; third, because in her own training Betty was 

given a pattern for living which could well be used by all of us.

For one by-product of The Betty Book, and Across the Unknown, written 

before Betty's death, as well as The Unobstructed Universe, published just 

eighteen months after she died, is a widespread interest in Betty herself. 

This is more than a mere curiosity as to personality. The latter is well 

enough defined by what these books report of her words and thoughts. 

Rather, people want to know—to judge by their letters—how that 

personality came about. Flow much was her original self? How much was 

of her own volitional development How much was due to her training by 



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