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caused a lot of loss of culture and family turmoil among the Hopi and others in that 

Case Study #4- The Tanna Islanders

The Tanna Islanders of the Vanuatu archipelago in the Pacific were visited in the 

1930's by a personage with the same description as the personage who visited 

Wovoka. They called him John Frum (as in "John from America") The Tanna 

islander's description of John Frum was identical to the description Wovoka made 
of Jesus... bearded, not as light-skinned as a typical white man, not as dark-skinned 

as an Indian, but in between. John Frum was described as a multi-lingual man able 

to speak many dialects as well as English. The Tanna islanders were given basically 

the same message that was given to Wovoka. He commanded the islanders to reject 
the orders of the local missionaries and return to their native religious practices. 

John Frum promised the natives that if they returned to their native beliefs, he 

would return to the island one day in a golden airplane.

Perhaps if the Europeans who invaded the Americas and the Pacific had been living 

their religion, Creator would have told the Indigenous people to follow them, but 

Creator did not.



We will go into much more detail concerning this Caucasian-looking bearded 
personage who visited most all the tribes throughout South, Central and North 

America in the second book of the trilogy, Earth Mother Crying: Encyclopedia of 

Native People's Prophecies of Terror Preceding an Age of Universal Peace, but here 

is a preview:

The Dakotah (Sioux) say He gave them their rite of baptism and purification, also 

many of their lodges. They remember Him talking about the coming of the white 

man and many other predictions. "We have backslid from His teachings, but to Him 
we dance the Sun Dance. We remember Great Wakona well." (Speaker not 

identified.) Source: He Walked the Americas by L Taylor Hansen

So, with that in mind, knowing how Creator has dealt with Eastern Hemisphere 
peoples through stories in the Bible, and seeing what has happened in the Americas 

since Columbus arrived, it would appear that Creator has allowed Christians to 

scourge his Native peoples in the Americas for not following their "Original Set of 
Instructions." Now, Creator is fed up with up with Christians because of their 

disobedience to Him, and will allow some Mohammedans and some Buddhists to 

scourge them... and then Creator will be prepared to begin all over with a very few 

good-hearted people.


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