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The white American government which surrounded the Cherokee eventually 
adopted a corrupted version of the Iroquois / 6 Nations government which did not 

allow for equal rights, setting the Nation up for an internal war 80 years later over 

"state's rights" or sovereignty, with slavery as a side issue. Women did not receive 

their rights until even later.

After the Cherokee adopted a government similar to that of the Americans in the 

early 1820's and 30's, a message was delivered to the Cherokee National Council by 

several Cherokee holy men -- warning them to return to their old ways and 
practices. The Speaker of the National Committee, Major Ridge, became very angry 

with them, and railed against them in council, and the National Council refused to 

listen to them. That group, the "Eastern Cherokee" of yesterday soon lost 1/4th of 

their population on the Trail of Tears, and lost all their lands east of the Mississippi.

The "Oconoluftee" Cherokee had given up citizenship in the Cherokee Nation after 

the war of 1812, and took U.S. federal-controlled reservations, and were forced by 

the U.S Government to help round up their 1000 or so cousins who evaded the Trail 
of Tears. The "Eastern Cherokee" of today are their descendants. Many of the 

traditional-thinking citizens of the Cherokee Nation heeded their holy men. The 

"Old Settlers" or "Western Cherokee" and the "Chickamauga Cherokee" migrated 

west between 1750 and 1830 in order to avoid white encroachment, and did not 
suffer the loss of life and were not relocated if they blended into the white 

populations of Missouri, Arkansas and Alabama, and were eventually denied 

political recognition by the ones who walked the Trail of Tears and wrested the 

established federally recognized political government from the Western Cherokee. 
The Cherokee fought an internal war with much loss of life in the 1840s, and 

Cherokee factions took different sides in the Civil War, and today, the Cherokee are 

a divided and scattered nation, close relatives hating each other, because they did 
not listen to their Creator.

Case Study #2- The Navajo

In 1996, the Dine (Navajo) were visited by 2 Dine deities at Rocky Ridge, and were 

told to return to their old ways, language, prayers, or face sore punishment. The 

Navajo continue to suffer from much poor health (diabetes in particular) and 

juvenile delinquency because of loss of culture and their traditional diet.

Case Study #3- The Hopi

The Hopi, through rock pictograms, were long ago told to expect white men coming 
with the "sign of the cross," but if these white men were "out of balance" they 

would cause troubles for the Hopi rather than be beneficial to the Hopi if they were 

"balanced." Apparently, the whites who eventually arrived were "out of balance," 

because they imprisoned many Hopis who refused to accept changes the whites 
wanted to make. Later, many Hopi joined the nearby white religion, which has


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