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"It was not the mixture, O men, of blood and breath that made 

the beginning and substance of your souls, though your 

earthborn and mortal body is framed of those things. But your 

soul has come hither from another place."

— Empedocles

From the earliest days in Earth's recorded history, there has 

been a bittersweet emotion that wells up within us as we gaze 

into the expanse of the night sky. Some of us long for the day 

when the human race can travel beyond the stars. Is it really 

just a hope for the future rather than a remembrance of our 


The human consciousness has intricacies that still remain 

unexplored. What stirs us to push evolution to its limits? 

What drives us to create dissension between the races on our 

planet? Perhaps it is possible that we are playing out a cos- 

mic drama and have only temporarily forgotten the script. 

We know that what one country or race does upon the Earth 

affects another. This idea may also spread outward into the 

universe. Perhaps what we do here affects countless other 

civilizations on other planets. Could we really be that linked 


The information presented in this book is a compilation of 

years of insights, deductive reasoning, and channeling. 

Meticulous cross referencing of various channels has been 

conducted (primarily using the work of co-author Lyssa 

Royal), as well as research into a number of respected 

anthropological and metaphysical works. The reader may 

consider these ideas to be literal or symbolic, for the story is 

the same. There is no claim that this is the ultimate truth of


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