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© 1989 by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest 

© 1992 (Revised Edition)

by Royal Priest Research/Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest 

ISBN 0-9631320-0-8

Previously published under ISBN 0-929385-16-0

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Published by: 

Royal Priest Research Press 

Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

PO Box 12626 
Scottsdale, Arizona 85267-2626

Cover Art and Chapter Illustrations:

Michael Z. Tyree

PO Box 967 
Clarkdale, Arizona 86324

1st printing April, 1990 
2nd printing December, 1990
3rd printing      May, 1991

4th printing      November, 1991 (revised edition)

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Royal, Lyssa J.

The prism of Lyra : an exploration of human Galactic heritage / 

Lyssa Royal, Keith Priest. — Rev. ed.

p. cm.

"A Royal Priest research book" —t.p.

Includes bibliographical references. 

ISBN 0-9631320-0-8

1. Human evolution. 2. Civilization—Extraterrestrial influences. 

I. Title. II. Title: An exploration of human Galactic heritage. 

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