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distinct ability to differentiate between itself and the environ- 


From approximately the second year of life onward, third- 

density consciousness becomes the primary framework 

demonstrated. This is the development of the ego and the 

awareness of the child as a separate individual. These are cru- 

cial formative years; one can see that if development is dis- 

rupted (such as through abuse) the personality can fragment 

and perhaps create dysfunction later in life. Many individuals 

retain this third-density consciousness orientation of ego 

throughout their entire lives.

The development of the superego, or higher awareness, is a 

typical fourth-density trait. Humans have the option to 

develop this aspect of themselves. This is a reintegration of 

the fragmentation of personality that occurs through the birth 

process, as well as integration on a spiritual level. As the 

human race begins to move more solidly into fourth-density 

consciousness, it is suspected that this personality fragmenta- 

tion process will become less apparent, and perhaps children 

will begin displaying fourth-density characteristics earlier in 

their development and retain them throughout their lives.

In childhood one must learn how to adapt and integrate into 

a workable framework. If one cannot do this (such as in the 

instance of child abuse) psychological disorders will very 

often be displayed when adulthood is reached. Pathologies 

such as Multiple Personality Disorder can occur because the 

natural third-density personality integration process did not 

occur during childhood. Some extraterrestrial civilizations 

have learned to detect and transmute the seeds of pathologi- 

cal disorders during childhood, and therefore have no in- 

cidence of adult pathologies.

If it is understood that no matter how far an individual frag- 

ments (either on a soul level or in the personality), and that 

the way back home is always through integration, he/she will


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