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critical mass, they will progress through the Prism of Lyra 

(from our point of view it will then be a black-hole exit point) 

and reach the next octave, where another adventure awaits.


It is important to note that as portions of the Whole frag- 

mented through the Prism of Lyra, each consciousness 

retained awareness on all density levels. However, part of the 

forgetfulness remained. From most highly focused density 

levels (such as third and portions of fourth), an unawareness 

may occur concerning the coexistence of other levels. As in- 

tegration occurs, one becomes aware of these other aspects.

The microcosm always reflects the macrocosm. This is 

visible in the "coincidence" of how atomic structure mirrors 

the structure of a solar system. It is the same with the frag- 

mentation of portions of the Whole into individual beings or 

soul groups. When one incarnates into a physical body, it can 

be likened to a mini-passage through the Prism of Lyra.

The process of soul fragmentation as one incarnates physi- 

cally can be likened somewhat to Freud's id, ego, and super- 

ego theories. As a fetus, the soul demonstrates a first-density 

consciousness. At that point, one is aware of itself as intri- 

cately connected to the environment. Physically, one is a 

mass of DN A codes with the potential to become a conscious 

human being. Since Freud did not take his hypothesis into 

prenatal development, there is no correlation. If he were to 

have created a label that described the fetus' relationship to 

its environment, then it would have been a first-density 


When the child is between birth and two years old, he/she 

begins to demonstrate second-density consciousness. A 

separation begins to be perceived between itself and the en- 

vironment and its desires become externalized. There is still 

somewhat of an egocentric point of view, which correlates this 

developmental level with the id. What distinguishes a child's 

second-density orientation from third density is the lack of a


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