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forts to better the planet. This is the frequency of respon- 

sibility. This is the frequency when one begins to remember 

the encoding of Free Will. This is the last frequency where 

physical bodies are the vehicles for the expression of con- 

sciousness. Hence many civilizations choose to spend long 

periods of time within this density.

FIFTH DENSITY: Experiential awareness of "I" as a 

group identity; Not bound by linear time.

In this density sentient consciousness begin to awaken to its 

heritage. This is the density of wisdom. As one awakens the 

wisdom within, they very often want to share it with those who 

are still focused in the lower densities. Many from this realm 

choose to become guides for others. A fifth-density being 

merges with its family of consciousness ("oversoul" or "higher 

self," if you will) and begins to remember. This is the first 

density in which a nonphysical orientation is experienced.

(Note: There is no clear-cut distinction when transitioning 

from fifth to sixth and sixth to seventh densities. Because these 

densities are not physically oriented, there is much blending in

these transitions.)

SIXTH DENSITY: Awareness as the dimension itself.

This has often been called the ''Christ Consciousness , in 

that it displays a frequency level equal to that of the Christ or 

Buddha. From this frequency a total remembrance occurs, 

and one begins taking responsibility for the Whole rather than 

the Self. The process of progressing the Self and progressing 

the Whole become one and the same.

SEVENTH DENSITY: Awareness as the multidimensional 

experience; Group-matrix identity (Social Memory Com- 


This is the frequency of total Oneness or integration. Those 

who vibrate to this frequency are merged in identity and be- 

come a mass-conscious whole. They magnetize those in other 

frequencies and provide the current for the natural flow 

toward integration. Once the seventh density beings reach


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