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Dimensional Infusion

With its celestial keys,

Its chords of air, its frets of fire,

The Samian's great Aeolian Lyre, 

Rising through all its sevenfold bars,

From Earth unto the fixed stars."

— Longfellow on Lyra from Occultation of Orion

All consciousness and energy was once fused into an in- 

tegrated whole. This Whole was aware of aspects of itself, but 

in a different way from individualized consciousness. In 

Earth's present development the self is recognized first, then 

society, and finally the Whole, All That Is, or God. Separa- 

tion is still created. This separation from the Source is an il- 

lusion. This illusion is a tool that provides the Whole with all 

the necessary lessons and challenges it needs to experience in 

order to reintegrate back into the Source.

Before this fragmentation from the Source, the Whole ex- 

isted in another octave of dimensional reality. From this 

realm of unification, portions of All That Is wondered what it 

would be like to fragment and temporarily forget integrated 

existence. The force of this thought on such a mass level 

began to create a fragmentation. The illusion created from


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