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who control our destinies. Therefore, evolution is in our own 


Throughout the entire book the assumption will also be car- 

ried that the "Whole," or the integrated mass consciousness 

of our galactic family, has always existed. For the purposes of 

the information presented, there will need to be some set 

parameters. These parameters will allegorically refer to the 

"beginning" of the story as being the Dimensional Infusion 

and the "end" as the Integration.

In many cases labels have been used to denote places or 

people (such as Sirius, or Sirians). In general, these labels are 

fluid, more denoting a realm or vibrational awareness than a 

fixed idea. In a case such as Lyra, for example, the possibility 

is respected that the very stars spoken of have become black 

holes and white holes many times over. Therefore, these can 

be spoken of as ideas rather than concrete points in time and 

space. These ideas carry weight; this is quite apparent in our 

legends that give importance to other star systems. The 

Dogon tribe legends, the Sumerian Texts, and the ancient 

Egyptian writings all claim contact with beings from other star 

systems. These legends must come from somewhere. Though 

their language and contemporary style of expression differ 

slightly, the consistency of their content is beyond argument.

Information about the past of the human race can enrich 

our lives here on Earth. If we are to truly transform, it will be 

through the infusing of awareness onto our world, not using 

the awareness to escape from our responsibilities as citizens 

of Earth and the Galactic Family.

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