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our galactic family's emergence into this reality. If it works 

for you, use the insights given here as a catalyst for your own 

growth. If not, perhaps it can lead you one step closer to your 

own personal truth.

One of the most important ideas to accelerate the human 

potential is the allowance of all truths to be a manifestation 

of the One Truth, whatever it may be. Through this allowance 

emerges unification. If nothing else, let this book be fun to 

read, interesting, and stimulating to your imagination. Your 

belief is certainly not required — but your willingness to be an 

explorer is!

This is an introductory book. An extensive glossary has 

been created at the end of the material for any unfamiliar 

terms that may have been used. Each chapter represents a 

different facet of an intricate tapestry and how the tapestry 

affects Earth. Through many discussions, the information has 

been honed down into a framework that will introduce the 

reader to a cast of characters. The cast is not complete. There 

are countless other members and dramas being played out

throughout our universe. These characters have emerged as 

the ones who seem to matter most to the human drama here 

on Earth.

There are certain assumptions carried throughout the 

material that are a foundation for the rest of the information. 

One of these is the idea of reincarnation and the infinite na- 

ture of consciousness. It is not necessary to embrace this con- 

cept in order to grasp the material, but it will allow the reader 

a more expanded view of the bigger picture.

Another assumption presented is the idea that each being 

possesses a higher awareness. It is purported that regardless 

of the level of existence a being has chosen for a given 

lifetime, it retains an awareness (conscious or subconscious) 

of its connection to the Whole and its divine identity. This 

we and we alone
concept connects us with the idea that it is 


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