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1. Published in parts from 1923-5, and never completed. The titles given for Dr. Steiner's books are 

those of the English translations.

2. The list of titles is long, but the more important books include:

Christianity as Mystical Fact (1902),

Knowledge of The Higher Worlds and its Attainment (1904),

Theosophy, a description of the nature of man and his relation to the spiritual world (1904), and 

Occult Science - An Outline, an account of the evolution of man and the universe in terms of spiritual

realities (1910).

3. For an account of the life and work of Rudolf Steiner, see A Scientist of The Invisible, by A. P. 

Shepherd (1954). The range of his contribution to modem thought can be seen in The Faithful Thinker, 

edited by A. C. Harwood (1961).

4. See the discussion by Owen Barfield in "Saving the Appearances", (1957).

5. See "Rudolf Steiner's Concept of Mind" by Owen Barfield, in The Faithful Thinker, pp. 11-21.

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