Page 19 - The.Miracle.of.Mindfulness
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didn't answer directly. He said that during the 

past few weeks, since the birth of Ana, he had 

been unable to sleep any length of time. During 

the night, Sue wakes him up and-because she 

is too tired herself-asks him to check to make 

sure Ana is still breathing. "I get up and look 

at the baby and then come back and fall asleep 

again. Sometimes the ritual happens two or 

three times a night."

"ls family life easier than being a bache- 

lor?" I asked. Allen didn't answer directly. But 

I understood. I asked another question: "A lot 

of people say that if you have a family you're 

less lonely and have more security. Is that 

true?" Allen nodded his head and mumbled 

something softly. But I understood.

Then Allen said, "l've discovered a way to 

have a lot more time. In the past, I used to look 

at my time as if it were divided into several 

parts. One part I reserved for Joey, another part 

was for Sue, another part to help with Ana, an- 

other part for household work. The time left 

over my own. 
I considered I could read, write, 

do research, go for walks.

"But now I try not to divide time into parts 

anymore. I consider my time with Joey and Sue 

as my own time. When I help Joey with his home- 

work, I try to find ways of seeing his time as my 

own time. I go through his lesson with him, 

sharing his presence and finding ways to be 

interested in what we do during that time. The 

time for him becomes my own time. The same 

with Sue. The remarkable thing is that now I 

have unlimited time for myself!"


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