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The Essential Discipline


Y esterday Allen came over to visit 

with his son Joey. Joey has grown so 

quickly! He's already seven years old

and is fluent in French and English. He even uses 

a bit of slang he's picked up on the street. Raising 

children here is very different from the way we 

raise children at home. Here parents believe that 

"freedom is necessary for a child's development." 

During the two hours that Allen and I were 

talking, Allen had to keep a constant eye on Joey. 

Joey played, chattered away, and interrupted 

us, making it impossible to carryon a real con- 

versation. I gave him several picture books for 

at them 
children but he barely glanced before 

tossing them aside and interrupting our con- 

versation again. He demands the constant atten- 

tion of grown-ups.

Later, Joey put on his jacket and went out- 

side to play with a neighbor's child. I asked 

Allen, "Do you find family life easy?" Allen


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