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fulness as something of a miracle itself, a vehicle 

that continues to connect lives throughout the 


American Buddhists have been impressed by 

the natural and unique blending of Theravada and 

Mahayana traditions, characteristic of Vietnamese 

Buddhism, which the book expresses. As a book 

on the Buddhist path, The Miracle of Mindfulness 

is special because its clear and simple emphasis 

on basic practice enables any reader to begin a 

practice of his or her own immediately. Interest 

in the book, however, is not limited to Buddhists. 

has found a home with people of many different 

religious traditions. One's breath, after all, is 

hardly attached to any particular creed.

Those who enjoy this book will likely be in- 

terested in other books by Thich Nhat Hanh which 

have been translated into English. His books in 

Vietnamese, including short stories, novels, es- 

says, historical treatises on Buddhism and poetry, 

number in the dozens. While several of his earlier 

books in English are no longer in print, more re- 

cent works available in translation include A Guide 

to Walking Meditation, Being Peace, and The Sun My 


Denied permission to return to Vietnam, 

Thich Nhat Hanh spends most of the year living 

in Plum Village, a community he helped found in 

France. There, under the guidance of the same 

Brother Quang to whom The Miracle ofMindfulness 

was originally addressed years ago, community 

members tend hundreds of plum trees. Profits


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