Page 12 - The.Miracle.of.Mindfulness
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written in mindfulness and lovingly directed to 

real people. As I continued to translate, I could 

see an expanding community-the School's work- 

ers, the young Thai Buddhists, and many other 

friends throughout the world.

When the translation was completed we 

typed it, and Thay printed a hundred copies on 

the tiny offset machine squeezed into the dele- 

gation's bathroom. Mindfully addressing each 

copy to friends in many countries was a happy 

task for delegation members.

Since then, like ripples in a pond, The Miracle 

of Mindfulness has traveled far. has been trans- 

lated into several other languages and has been 

printed or distributed on every continent in the 

world. One of the joys of being the translator has 

been to hear from many people who have discov- 

ered the book. I once met someone in a bookstore 

who knew a student who had taken a copy to 

friends in the Soviet Union. And recently, I met 

a young Iraqi student in danger of being deported 

to his homeland, where he faces death for his 

refusal to fight in a war he believes cruel and 

senseless; he and his mother have both read The 

Miracle ofMindfulness and 
are practicing awareness 

of the breath. I have learned, too, that proceeds 

from the Portuguese edition are being used to as- 

sist poor children in Brazil. Prisoners, refugees, 

health-care workers, educators, and artists are 

among those whose lives have been touched by 

this little book. I often think of The Miracle ofMind-


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