Page 11 - The.Miracle.of.Mindfulness
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ing me far more than language during those three 

years. His presence was a constant gentle re- 

minder to return to one's true self, to be awake 

by being mindful.

As I sat down to translate The Miracle of Mind- 

fulness, I remembered the episodes during the past 

years that had nurtured my own practice of mind- 

fulness. There was the time I was cooking fu- 

riously and could not find a spoon I'd set down 

amid a scattered pile of pans and ingredients. As 

I searched here and there, Thay entered the 

kitchen and smiled. He asked, "What is Mobi 

looking for?" Of course, I answered, "The spoon! 

I'm looking for a spoon!" Thay answered, again 

with a smile, "No, Mobiis looking for Mobi."

Thay suggested I do the translation slowly 

and steadily, in order to maintain mindfulness. I 

translated only two pages a day. In the evenings, 

Thay and I went over those pages, changing and 

correcting words and sentences. Other friends 

provided editorial assistance. It is difficult to de- 

scribe the actual experience of translating his 

words, but my awareness of the feel of pen and 

paper, awareness of the position of my body and 

of my breath enabled me to see most clearly the 

mindfulness with which Thay had written each 

word. As I watched my breath, I could see Brother 

Quang and the workers of the School of Youth 

for Social Service. More than that, I began to see 

that the words held the same personal and lively 

directness for any reader because they had been


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