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seas liaison office for the peace and reconstruction 

efforts of the Vietnamese Buddhists, including the 

School of Youth for Social Service. I remember late 

evenings over tea, when Thay explained sections 

of the letter to delegation members and a few close 

friends. Quite naturally, we began to think of 

other people in other countries who might also 

benefit from the practices described in the book.

Thay had recently become acquainted with 

young Buddhists in Thailand who had been in- 

spired by the witness of engaged Buddhism in 

Vietnam. They too wished to act in a spirit of 

awareness and reconciliation to help avert the 

armed conflict erupting in Thailand, and they 

wanted to know how to work without being over- 

come by anger and discouragement. Several of 

them spoke English, and we discussed translating 

Brother Quang's letter. The idea of a translation 

took on a special poignancy when the confiscation 

of Buddhist publishing houses in Vietnam made 

the project of printing the letter as a small book 

in Vietnam impossible.

happily accepted the task of translating the 

book into English. For nearly three years, I had 

been living with the Vietnamese Buddhist Peace 

Delegation, where day and night I was immersed 

in the lyrical sound of the Vietnamese language. 

ThaY'had been my "formal" Vietnamese teacher; 

we had slowly read through some of his earlier 

books, sentence by sentence. I had thus acquired 

a rather unusual vocabulary of Vietnamese 

Buddhist terms. Thay, of course, had been teach-


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