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Every incident of our daily experience offers fresh opportunities to use our spiritual 

understanding, and each use of the spiritual faculties results in greater spiritual 

perception, which in turn reveals more and more of the light of Truth. "Pray without 

ceasing. . . . And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Translate the 

pictures and incidents of daily existence into the new tongue, the language of Spirit, and 

consciousness will expand until translation occurs without even taking thought. It 

becomes a habitual state of consciousness, a constant awareness of Truth.

Only in this wise can we find our lives unfolding harmoniously from the center of our 

being without taking conscious thought. Instead of our existence being a continual round 

of "demonstrations," it becomes the natural, harmonious, joyous unfoldment of good. 

Instead of repeated efforts to make good come to us, our every good unfolds to view from 

the depths of our own being without conscious effort, either physical or mental. We are 

no longer dependent on person or circumstance, nor even on our personal effort. Spiritual 

illumination enables us to relax our personal efforts and rely more and more on Divinity 

unfolding and revealing Itself as us.

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