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a smiling face over our shoulder. We are never alone and we know it. This sweet 

Presence gives us an inner rest; It enables us to relax from the strain of the world and 

brings us the joy of peace. In truth, It is a "peace, be still" to every problem or strain of 

human existence. It is a healing influence within us, and yet It is felt by all those about 


This inner Presence of which we are aware is Truth Itself interpreting Itself to us as 

presence, power, companion, light, peace, and healing influence--as the Christ. The 

consciousness of this inner Being is the result of our greater spiritual illumination, of our 

cultivated spiritual consciousness. This Truth is the God who healeth our diseases, and It 

goes ever before us to make smooth our path in life. This Truth is wealth and appears as 

our abundant supply. No human circumstance or condition can lessen our income and 

wealth while we abide in this consciousness of the presence of Love.

Establish this truth within you, and it becomes your real being, knowing neither birth nor 

death, youth nor age, health nor disease--but only the eternality of harmonious being. 

This truth dispels every illusion of sense and reveals the infinite harmony of your being; 

it dispels mortality and reveals your immortality. Whatever in your thought is unlike this 

divine Presence, Truth Itself, must yield in order that you may drink the pure water of 

Life and eat the spiritual meat of Truth.

To free our hearts from the errors of self--self-will, false desires, ambition, and greed--is 

to reflect the light of Truth as the perfect diamond reflects its own inner light.

About 500 B.C. it was written: "It easily happens that a man, when taking a bath, steps 

upon a wet rope and imagines that it is a snake. Horror will overcome him, and he will 

shake from fear, anticipating in his thought all the agonies caused by the serpent's 

venomous bite. What a relief does this man experience when he sees that the rope is no 

snake! The cause of his fright lies in his error, his ignorance, his illusion. If the true 

nature of the rope is recognized, his tranquility of mind will come back to him; he will 

feel relieved; he will be joyful and happy. This is the state of mind of one who has 

recognized that there is no personal self, that the cause of all his troubles, cares, and 

vanities is a mirage, a shadow, a dream."

So again, illumination reveals that there is no error, that what appears as the snake -- sin, 

disease, discord, death -- is reality itself misperceived by finite sense. Then discords are 

not to be hated, feared, or resented, but reinterpreted until the true nature of the rope -- 

reality -- is discerned through spiritual sense. The snake--disease or discord--is merely a 

state of mind, with no corresponding external reality. It must be understood that no 

illusion is, or ever can be, externalized.

Spiritual illumination may be attained by living constantly in the consciousness of the 

presence of perfection, by the continual translation of the visible picture into the reality. 

We are being faced with discordant appearances all through our days and nights, and 

these must immediately be translated through our understanding of the "new tongue," the 

language of Spirit.

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