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We will fear no change in the outer picture because the outer is but the reflection of the 

allness within. Safe in the realization that we are individual though infinite spiritual 

consciousness embodying all good, we need give no consideration to the evidence of the 


Spiritual illumination reveals the harmony of being and dispels the evidence of material 

sense. It does not change anything in the universe for this is a spiritual universe peopled 

with children of God, but the illumination changes our concept of the universe.

This is but the beginning of this vast subject, and while we are discussing it, let us keep 

thought removed as far as possible from the world of sense and anchored in the conscious 

awareness of spiritual reality.

Always there have appeared men bearing the divine message of the presence of God and 

of the unreality of evil: Buddha of India; Lao-Tze of China; Jesus of Nazareth. These and 

many others brought the light of Truth to men, and always men have interpreted this 

Light as the messenger, failing to see that what they were beholding as a man "out there" 

was the light of Truth within their own consciousness.

In worshiping Jesus, men lost the Christ. In devotion to Jesus, men failed to apprehend 

the Christ. In seeking good through Jesus, men failed to find the omnipresent Christ in 

their own consciousness.

In every case, the messenger appearing to man is the advent of the Christ in individual 

consciousness, and when so understood, freedom from personal sense and personal 

limitation has been attained.

Jesus said, "If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you." Was this not clear 

enough for all to understand? If you do not look away from the personal sense of 

salvation, mediation, and guidance, you will not find the great Light within your own 


Spiritual illumination does not come from a person, but from the impersonal Christ, the 

universal Truth, the illumined consciousness of your Self.

Illumined consciousness dispels the personal sense of self with its problems, ills, age, and 

failures. It reveals the real Self, the I that I am, unlimited, unfettered, untroubled, 

harmonious, and free. This Selfhood is revealed as we retire within ourselves each day 

and there learn to "listen" and to watch. Likewise, instead of anxious care about the work 

of the day or the events of the future, we let the Soul, or our divine Spirit, go ahead of us 

to smooth and prepare the way; we let this divine Influence remain behind us to 

safeguard every step from the illusions of sense.

Illumined consciousness always knows that there is an infinite, all-powerful Presence 

prospering every act and blessing every thought. It knows that all who touch us on life's 

highway must feel the benediction of our thought.

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