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Chapter - Spiritual Illumination

Spiritual illumination enables us to discern the spiritual reality where the human concept 

appears to be. Spiritual sense discerns the reality of that which is appearing as concept.

The development of spiritual consciousness begins with our first realization that what we 

are beholding through the senses of sight, hearing, taste, and smell is not the reality of 

things. Disregarding appearances entirely, the first ray of spiritual illumination brings us 

hints of the divine, the eternal and immortal. This in turn makes the appearance even less 

real to us, thereby admitting even greater illumination.

Our progress Spiritward is in proportion to the illumination which enables us to behold 

more and more of Reality. Because the human scene is entirely a misconception through 

misperception, any thought of helping, healing, correcting, or changing the material 

picture must be relinquished in order that we may see the ever-present Reality.

Spiritual illumination comes to us in a measure with our first investigation of truth. We 

believe that we are seeking good, or truth; whereas the light has begun to shine in our 

consciousness compelling us to take the steps we have since taken. Every increase of our 

spiritual understanding was more light appearing and dispelling the darkness of sense. 

This inflow of illumination will continue until we come to the full realization of our true 

identity as "the light of the world." Without illumination, we struggle with the forces of 

the world; we labor for a living; we struggle to maintain our place and position; we 

compete for riches or honors. Often we war with our own friends and even find ourselves 

at war with ourselves. There is no security in personal possessions even after the battle to 

acquire them has been won.

Illumination first brings peace, then confidence and assurance; it brings rest from the 

world's contests, and then all good flows to us through Grace. We see now that we do not 

live by acquiring, gaining, or achieving. We live by Grace; we possess all as the gift of 

God; we do not get our good, because we already have all good. "Son, thou art ever with 

me, and all that I have is thine."

The pleasures and successes of the world are as nothing compared with the joys and 

treasures which now unfold to us through spiritual sense. In the light of truth, the greatest 

earthly happiness and triumph are as nothing, whereas the treasures of Soul have a glory 

unknown and unfathomed by sense.

Possessing the divine Light within him, man gains his freedom from the world and 

security from all earthly or human dangers. This period holds terrors and fears for many. 

The spiritually illumined will recognize that because no good can come or go, that 

because spiritual activity is always of the nature of fulfillment, that because their 

illumination has revealed the reality of things, they are anchored in Soul, in God- 

consciousness, in spiritual peace, security, and serenity.

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