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"For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word 

of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, 

the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe"--understand.

To receive the word of God or spiritual sense, we need to feel rather than reason. This is 

referred to biblically as receiving the word "in the heart." Note here that the development 

of spiritual consciousness results in a greater gift of feeling the harmony of being. We 

understand that neither seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, nor smelling will reveal 

spiritual truth or its harmonies to us; therefore, it must come through a different faculty, 

the intuitive faculty which acts through feeling. Heretofore, we have sat down to pray or 

to meditate and immediately a stream of words and thought started to flow. Perhaps we 

began to affirm truth and deny error. You can see that this is wholly in the realm of the 

human mind.

In cultivating our spiritual sense we become receptive to thoughts which come to us from 

within. We become hearers of the Word rather than speakers. We become so attuned to 

Spirit that we feel the divine harmony of being; we feel the actual presence of God. 

Having transcended the five physical senses, our intuitive faculty is alert, receptive and 

responsive to the things of the Spirit, and we begin our new existence as a result of this 

spiritual rebirth.

Heretofore, we have been concerned with the letter of truth, now only with the spirit of 

truth. We are not so concerned now with what is truth as with feeling truth. This is 

accomplished in proportion as we give less thought to the letter and more receptivity to 

the feel. This word "feel" incidentally, refers also to the awareness, consciousness, or a 

sense of truth. We are not now speaking truth but receiving truth, and that which we 

receive in silence we may speak from the housetops with authority.

Spiritual healing is the natural result of a divinely illumined consciousness. We are 

illumined only as we are receptive and responsive to spiritual illumination.

We misunderstand immortality when we think of it as the immortality of the human 

personality, or personal sense. Death does not produce immortality or end personal sense, 

nor does the continuation of human existence mean the attainment of immortality.

Immortality is attained in proportion as personal sense is overcome, whether here or 

hereafter. As we put off the personal ego and attain the consciousness of our real Self-- 

the Reality of us, divine Consciousness--we attain immortality. And that can be achieved 

here and now.

The desire to perpetuate our false sense of body and wealth ensnares us into death, or 


The first step in the attainment of immortality is living out from the center of our being, 

as in the idea of unfoldment from within, rather than accretion: It is the giving sense 

rather than getting; being rather than attaining. In this consciousness, there is no

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