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tant contributions to the subject of miracles and for helping me track 

down information on the same.

My longtime friend Peter Brunjes, Ph.D., for using his university 

connections to help me obtain several difficult-to-find reference works. 

Judith Hooper, for loaning me numerous books and articles from

her own extensive collectionof materials on the holographicidea. 

Susan Cowles, M.S., of the Museum of Holography in New York for

helping me search out illustrations for the book-

Kerry Brace, for sharing his thoughts on the holographic idea as it

applies to Hindu thinking, and from whose writings I have borrowed

the idea of using the hologram of Princess Leia from the movie Star 

' Wars to open the book.

Marilyn Ferguson, the founder of the Brain/Mind Bulletin, who 

was one of the first writers to recognize and write about the impor- 

tance of the holographic theory, and who also was generous with her 

time and thought. The observant reader will notice that my summary 
In the movie Star Wars, Luke Skywalker's adventure begins when a 
of the view of the universe that arises when one considers Bohm and 

Pribram's conclusions in tandem, at the end of Chapter Two, is actu- beam of light shoots out of the robot Artoo Detoo and projects a 

ally just a slight rephrasing of the words Ferguson uses tosummarize miniature three-dimensional image of Princess Leia. Luke watches 

the same sentiment in her bestselling book The Aquarian Conspir- spellbound as the ghostly sculpture of light begs for someone named 

acy. Myinability to come up with a different and better way to summa- Obi-wan Kenobi to come to her assistance. The image is a hologram, 

rize the holographic idea should be viewed as a testament to Fergu- a three-dimensional picture made with the aid of a laser, and the 

son's clarity and succinctness as a writer.
technological magic required to make such images is remarkable. But 

The staff at the American Society for Psychical Research for assist- what is even more astounding is that some scientists are beginning to 

ance in tracking down references, resources, and the names of perti- believe the universe itself is a kind of giant hologram, a splendidly 

nent individuals.
detailed illusion no more or less real than the image of Princess Leia 

Martha Visser and Sharon Schuyler for their help in researching that starts Luke on his quest.

the book.
Put another way, there is evidence to suggest that our world and 

Ross Wetzsteon of the Village Voice, who asked me to write the everything in it—from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and 

article that started it all.
spinning electrons—are also only ghostly images, projections from a 

Claire Zion of Simon & Schuster, who first suggested that I write level of reality so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space 

a book on the holographic idea.
and time.

Lucy Kroll and Barbara Hogenson for being the best agents pos- The main architects of this astonishing idea are two of the world's 

most eminent thinkers: University of London physicist David Bohm, 

Lawrence P. Ashmead of HarperCollins for believing in the book, a protege of Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum 

and John Michel for his gentle and insightful editing.
physicists; and Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist at Stanford Univer- 

If there is anyone that I have inadvertently left out, please forgive sity and author of the classic neuropsychological textbook Languages 

me. To all, both named and unnamed, who have helped me give birth of the Brain. Intriguingly, Bohm and Pribram arrived at their conclu- 

to this book, my heartfelt thanks.
sions independently and while working from two very different direc- 

tions. Bohm became convinced of the universe's holographic nature

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