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would have a sour expressions after a couple of years, a sign of stress and frustration 

creeping in. A few good moments but mostly shitty moments. Just a dot in a long line 
of life. But that was ages ago.

Right about a decade ago I said enough of this. I needed a change. So from that dot I 
moved on to other dots. I jumped around from dot to dot, place to place, scenery to 

scenery, experiencing. the moment. Then it dawned to me that traveling can really 

nourish your soul, especially when you’re at it all alone. I practically learned about 
life and people much more in 5 years than in any best universities or colleges can 

offer within the same time span. You guys should try it really. If you’re too busy, then 

make time. If you don’t have enough money, try backpacking. Trust me it’s worth the 

I don’t claim to be a pro traveler, like I read about this dude from UK who hasn’t been 

home for more than 9 years, hopping around from places to places. But nonetheless, I 

still traveled more than regular 9 to 5 keyboard jockeys, behind the desk busy bees. 
I’ve trekked my way out in dense tropical rainforest in Borneo, Kalimantan and 

watched crocodiles floating like wooden logs in Mahakam river over there. Climbed 

up to the top of Borobudur temple complex in central Java and touched the loftiest 
Buddha statue on top. I’ve been on top of Petronas twin tower building and squeezed 

myself into a crowded bus in Kuala Lumpur trying to catch a transit flight. Busted a 

few chips on baccarat tables in casinos in Macau and Singapore. Had a wonderfully 
tasting huge steamed crab in Phuket, Thailand and lost a front tooth in a bar fight 

which I didn’t even start or even knew what’s it all about.

Then I went on to visit each and every major site in Angkor Wat temple complex in 

Cambodia (which totally were hundreds in number), made friends with whoever I met 
along the way, even tuk-tuk drivers. Laid my back and did some fishing in a small 

dragon boat in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Wonderful sight as well. Smoking weeds with 

the locals in a village in Laos and told them stories about cities which they’ve never 
heard about. I never missed out on any special local dishes a new place could offer, 

even the weird ones. I also tend to pick up local languages quite fast, it’s proven to be 

quite handy most of the time. And with every flight, every train, every bus I took, that 
string orchestra which I heard in Sydney Opera House always ringing in my ears.

I can’t seem to forget each and every face of the people or other travelers I talked to 

along the way. If I looked really deeply into their eyes, I saw myself. To be is to be 

perceived. If you’re a seasoned traveler you’ll know that basically people are nice and 
helpful everywhere. Some pickpockets here and there off course, but that never spoil 

the beauty of the journey itself. In my worldview, every individual soul here in planet 

earth is a traveler. Some traveled more than others, some had more harsh journey than 
others, but all have the same destination, trying to find our way home.

Some folks read during their travels. I sometimes wonder why. You can practically 
read the entire universe along your path so why would you read from a book. Some 

take journals and notes. That’s understandable. They want something to remember, 

and maybe retell it later to their family and friends. I did too, but I didn’t write about 
what I saw or what places I’ve been to. I took notes on people’s quotes. I recorded 

what they said casually during a meal in a restaurant, or a casual bar chat, or in the 
local downtown markets, their views about the place and life in general. I found what


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