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But how do we travel, do we walk? I mean you’re just a drop of water. Maybe it’s 

you who will lag behind me with that tiny pace of yours.”

She covered her mouth and giggled, “Haha... Now that’s a spirit. I knew you have it 

in you the moment I first laid my eyes on you. Worry you shall not, chap. We have 
more efficient ways of traveling than a mere walk. We are going to travel by light.” 

She was still laughing when she waved her hand gently and formed an invisible circle 

around me.

A gust of wind breezed through my face. Then slowly and gradually, our 

surroundings were covered with this form of light. Getting larger and brighter. Filling 
up the space around us. Not blinding, but soft tone of white light forming an orb 

around the two of us. It’s somehow felt peaceful and comfortable being covered 
within it. “Relax... don’t panic, close your eyes now. Are you ready? It’s going to be 

the best ride of a lifetime. Here we go... Yeepeeee...” she let out a cheerful scream as 

the white light rotated around us and through us, then all were calm and bright. 
Blissful void.


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