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Same journey, I thought. I always say that. I knew deep inside it’s true. We are all in 

some sort of a quest, a search for something. “Yeah I do. What I don’t get is what the 
purpose of the cycles, the journeys is? Or why do you and I even exist at all? For what 

purpose?” She let out that delightful ringing laugh again. “Whoa... hold your horses, 

cute chap. We eventually will come to that. And it’s a sort of deeper subject in nature, 
thus will take a few journeys to make it clear enough for you. Please bear with me. 

But yes, you’re right. There is a purpose for everything. Everything in the universe 

follow the same pattern of what you might call “consciousness evolution”. Different 
infinite combination of paths, but remember, always the same journey. Journey for 


She took a long pause. “What is the figure of human population on earth now?”. 

“Close to 7 billions I guess.” I replied. “Ohh it has grown so many over the ages. It’s 
because this planet is a great and ideal place to learn, thus so many souls came to 

incarnate here to this 3rd density realm. Each with its own path to walk. Each doing 

its own search. For home,” she sighed. “Most of you have forgotten why you are here. 
And that question burned within everybody’s mind. It’s a nagging feeling of ‘there 

must be more to life than this’. You forgot because there is a Veil of Forgetfulness at 

work in this 3rd density realm.”

“Wait, what is a Veil of Forgetfulness?” I interrupted. She looked at me and smiled, 

“I’ve already told you the cycles of life haven’t I? For example you, Josh. You might 
have lived many lives before this one. Cycle after cycle. Each with its own learned 

lessons, of how to know yourself, to experience, to evolve, to advance in your journey 
home, to be reunited with all which are one. But with each incarnation in the 3rd 

density realm, you go through what we call ‘Veil of Forgetfulness’, thus you lost the 

ability to remember your previous incarnations.”

“The Veil of Forgetfulness is a semi-permeable, etheric membrane, which surrounds 

the consciousness of a person in physical form. Its purpose is the same as the blinders 
that are put around the eyes of a horse pulling a cart through a busy city. The Veil 

keeps humans from noticing the many alternative realities and possibilities that exist 

around you every moment that you are alive.”

“Consider a game of poker. If you can see other players’ hand the game will lose its 
meaning because it will be too easy and nothing that you can learn or experience out 

of the game. Well in fact, the entire universe is like a game we all play together. So 

you do need the veil of forgetfulness so you can exercise your free will in making 
choices and have a more efficient process for learning and experiencing life. If there 

is no potential for mistakes and misunderstandings, there would be no experience.”

I tried to digest what she said. Couldn’t fully grasp it but it rang true. “You should 

explain to me all of this from the beginning. Otherwise I’ll be confused.” She stood 

up. The leaf only waved a little because of her tiny lightweight size. “Ok now we’re 
talking, lad. That is exactly why I’m here for. But, do you mind if we travel a little 

bit? I know you like traveling. Don’t worry it will only take a fraction of your earthly 

time. What do you say? Will you walk the walk with me?”

I stood up too. Walked a few pace closer, bent down to face her and grinned. “Well 
off course. I don’t have anything to do anyway for the rest of the day, so why not?


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