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first thing first. I think it will be helpful if I explain to you how our consciousness 

group works. You see, we are very old, and I mean very. We were here before your 
kind existed, and we helped you survive by providing your basic need of water to 

sustain yourselves. It is one of our main task.” She paused. “Your group and ours 

have a lot in common. We are both indestructible. We are both immortals.”

“What do you mean by immortal? People die from time to time.” She stared back at 

me. “Only your physical vehicle dies. You, the real you,” she pointed her little finger 
at me, “the essence of you is indestructible, immortal. We both don’t really know how 

old we really are. And you too have life cycles like us. Let me describe our cycle first 

so you’ll have an idea.” She jumped up to a nearby leaf and sat there comfortably.

“Let’s say our starting point is the vast Pacific Ocean, even though I myself don’t 
have the slightest idea where did we first come to be. Our large consciousness group 

in Pacific Ocean, infinite in numbers, and united as collective, started our cycle there 

with the help of other friends. We have other elemental friends, like the Earth/soil, the 
Fire, and the Wind. All belong to the first density of creation, the elemental realm,” 

she gazed to the shore in front of us.

“With the help from our friend the Sun, the great enlightening Fire above, we 

evaporate. We are transformed into much lighter form of vapor then into heavier form 

of clouds. Our other friend, the mighty Wind, blow us all over this planet and on 
certain cold temperature we are condensed, getting even more dense and heavier. 

Then fall back to be received and absorbed by our other beloved friend the nurturing 
Earth/soil, either in forms of rain, snow, fog, or dew. The Earth then opened the ways 

for us naturally, through rivers, lakes, runoffs, or flow us through its underground 

crevices back to that same Pacific Ocean where we started. Earth has its own internal 
heat so those fellows who were stuck as snow and ice will eventually melt, faster if 

the Sun was involved in the process. Some drops of water take longer routes, some 

shorter. They might cross path with each other over and over again during the entire 
journey. Some become self aware along the way, as others will too, each in its good 

time. We experience ourselves during the journey. It’s all fun. So in short, the cycle 

ends where it began, which is just another start for another cycle. Each drop of water 
goes home, only in different ways and periods. Wonderful isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” I replied, “very fascinating description. Most of us just take water for 

granted. But you said we have a common cycle like yours, I wonder how does that 

play out?”

She formed a little grin on the face. “Exactly the same. You, the essence of you, or 

soul as you usually name it, started from the infinity somewhere in the infinite 
universe through cycles, paths, and eventually will go back and be in oneness with 

that origin. Just like us. You all go through cycles. Cross path with each other along 

the routes you take. Experiencing yourselves as you all dance in and around the 
infinite wonder and beauty of the universe. Some of you take longer routes, some take 

shorter. Each of you will also go home. Through different routes, different paths, and 

different periods. We all are basically doing the one and the same journey. Do you 
catch my drift?”


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