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P. 14

The sunlight was so warm and delightful. I laid my back to a coconut tree behind me 
and stretched my legs. Gosh I feel comfortably sleepy now. Closed my eyes and 

without me knowing, I was already in another realm. Ha, I’m always easy to fall 

asleep. And I sleep deeply. The ocean’s breezing wind made my sleep deeper. I didn’t 
know how long and I didn’t know whether I was awake or still sleeping when I felt a 

wet patch running down my cheek. Oh, a drop of water.

“Josh.. Hey..”, a gentle voice called my name. But who was it. There was no one 

around me in 100 meters radius. “It is me”, that voice spoke again.”Yes but who?”. 

Silence. Then a whisper, “It’s me. The water drop on your face.” I gasped. “What 
the... ?”


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