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free will then we might experience and express ourselves. In order to perceive the 

universe in its entirety, you cannot put yourself in a small box. Stop living in fear, 
throw away that small box, and be one with the universe itself.

That’s exactly what I did the moment that plane land smoothly on Denpasar runway, I 
threw away everything behind. Free. Airport here is always hectic. All sorts of people. 

I got into a line behind a couple of mid aged Australian tourists with their two teenage 

kids to get a taxi. Said hi, threw a few lines. It’s their first time here so their faces 
were gleaming and cheerful. I have that kind of face too each time I step foot on a 

new place. A certain unique one of a kind feeling that you can only get when you 

travel to new places. Vibrant excitement.

After 15 minutes, I had my cab, said goodbye and good wishes for the Aussie tourists, 
and showed the driver where to go. A nice little cottage for rent just outskirt of Kuta 

beach, the main beach here. I saw the pictures on the internet and I liked it. Not too 

spacey, but had wonderfully designed Zen garden upfront. Ideal quiet place to 
meditate in the midst of bustling tourism activities around the area, and just 20 

minutes walk to the beach covered by white sand and coconut trees. Awesome.

And there you go, for the next three and a half months,I’ve been creeping around this 

beach, visiting spots, talking to tourists, playing pool with them, going to beach 

parties, mingling with the locals, all kinds of stuff. But basically I’ve been doing 
nothing. Doing without doing, to be exact.

Almost 7 a.m. The rain has stopped an hour ago. Good time for beach morning walk. 

So I took quick shower, put on light clothing, and walked outside. I thought I’m going 

to have Nasi Jinggo for breakfast after the walk, a mixed rice menu, specialty of this 
place. I walked slowly down the beach road. It’s still wet after the rain earlier. Waved 

to a few neighbors. Stopped by to a 24 hours store ran by a local guy named Ketut to 

get a pack of clove cigarettes. His smile never leave his face as he asked, “Apa kabar, 
Bli?” It means 'how are you' in Indonesian language. “Doing good, can’t complain.” I 

said and returned the kind smile. “Going to the beach, Bli? Good weather this 

morning” he asked. “Yeah..” I replied, “I’m going there. There won’t be no more rain 
for today it seems.” Bli is a Balinese term for brother or bro, you’ll get along better 

with the locals by using their terms.

So I kept on walking to the south side of the beach, trying to absorb as much as 

sunlight as possible. Warm golden glittering sunlight touched my face. It’s always 
nice to take early morning or late afternoon walk here. Noon time is too hot, so most 

people just stay in and probably asleep. Life usually starts after sunset here.

Aahh the beach. I smiled cheerfully. Then picked a spot to sit down under nearby 

coconut trees. Lit up a cigarette while watching a few kids building sand castle. The 

sound of sea waves reaching the shore was like fine tuned melody to my ears. A 
couple of yellow butterflies flitted their wings around a nearby Plumeria tree, teased 

on each other. Cute ones. Someone dreamed of them long ago. “I dreamed I was a 

butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke. Now I wonder: Am I a man who 
dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?”, that was 

what Chuang Tzu the 4th century Chinese philosopher wrote when he woke up from 
his butterfly dream.


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