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here are many people who have made immense contributions without 

which this book could not exist.

First, I thank Daphne K. and Terry Brown who are the ones who chan- 

neled messages in this book. Both have made emotional and inancial sacriices 

and have dedicated their time to this project.

I thank Terry, in particular, for her editing work, for her consistent par- 

ticipation and support of our conference calls and for her persistent selless serv- 

ice and dedication

My gratitude goes to David Wilcock ( for his 

willingness to stand irm against many judgments and to allow his story to be 

told in he Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? he understanding I gained from the 

study of his work was the beginning of opening the door to the experiences that 

were the foundation for he Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Would Like 

to Talk to You.

I thank Carla Rueckert ( for her bringing forth the 

original Ra material in 1981-1985 which laid the foundation for all that fol- 


I thank Alan Painter for reworking the original manuscript into a pol- 

ished and presentable book.

I especially thank Rassouli for the very expressive, mystical artwork ap- 

pearing on the cover. (

Finally, I thank you, the reader, for opening the door to an adventure be- 

yond the furthest reaches of your wildest imagination.

Blessings, courage, and love to you and yours,

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