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My Story

For many years of my life I identiied with being a singer, songwriter and 

poet. I still sometimes perform my music and it is one of my greatest joys to do so. 

When I was in high school in Philadelphia I was inspired by igures such as Bob 

Dylan, Donavon, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens and the Beatles. I never felt under- 

stood. Although in the lyrics of the songs I was listening to, I was being touched 

and opened up in areas inside of myself that, till then, had never been reached. I 

went of to the University of California at Berkeley to study physics, but I had 

learned to play guitar. I wrote songs. I started a rock band and, ater a few years, 

learned I was far more passionate about playing music than studying physics. I 

also became interested in metaphysics. I had read many books about the famous 

sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, who would go into a trance and was able to do 

extremely accurate medical readings on strangers, recommend alternative reme- 

dies, tell people about their past lifetimes and predict the future. My study of Ed- 

gar Cayce convinced me that there was more to life than science, and I opened up 

to reading many more books of a metaphysical nature.

here was something in me that craved some kind of direct experience of 

the spiritual material I was reading. I decided that I would take a hitchhiking trip 

across the country. It seemed like something a budding singer songwriter should 

do. So I packed my guitar and stood on University Avenue waiting for a ride. I 

remember thinking that if there is really a God, I would have my direct experi- 

ence on this trip. his trip lasted about four years. I ended up with numerous ad- 

ventures, sleeping on people’s couches and playing gigs at all the little cofee 

shops sprinkled in every city across the country.

he most signiicant aspect of this trip has been my experience of syn- 

chronicity. Synchronicity is where events come together in a manner which looks 

like coincidence, but with impossible statistical probabilities. here were periods 

where these kinds of events would happen daily. Some of the phenomena re- 

volved around astrological correlations. I had learned to do astrology charts, and 

initially, with my physics-major background, I was amazed that astrology could 

be real. However, early in my study of astrology I learned that oten someone re- 

minded me of someone else, and I was able to guess his or her sign with a high 

degree of accuracy when this occurred.

When I was hitchhiking, a couple with a certain astrological combina- 

tion, like a Taurus man and a Gemini woman would pick me up. hey would 

drop me of, and the next ride would be a couple with the same astrological signs. 

his would happen with great consistency, although the sign coniguration 

would change from day to day. Sometimes I would meet people on the same day 

that had exactly the same birthdays, and occasionally I would guess someone's 

birthday because I recognized the similarity of his/her energy to someone I had 

met earlier.

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