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!e Creator Gods of " Physical Universe Want to Talk to Y#

healing, and the wisest of personal counseling assisting me with my own inner 

obstacles and issues.

In the initial phases of this contact, when the source irst identiied itself 

as the Council of Elohim, I immediately did a Google search on the word Elohim 

and found deinitions like “the Creator God of this realm,” “the name for God in 

the Old Testament” and “the group who was speaking to Joseph Smith when he 

founded the Church of Latter Day Saints.” When I asked them in a channeling if 

they were the same, they answered in the airmative. I didn’t believe them. I 

didn’t disbelieve them. I decided that I would evaluate this over time and draw 

my conclusions one way or the other based on a careful consideration of the dia- 

logs, which I was taping.

During the irst part of this book, I am going to share the circumstances 

that led me to the conclusions that I was and am having conversations with the 

Elohim of history and that they are bringing forth an extremely important mes- 

sage regarding what is transpiring on our planet from a celestial perspective. hey 

tell me that they can be more candid now than ever before, and they explain 

things via our dialogs that have never been brought forth in any of their previous 

interactions with people. hey also share how to make a direct connection with 

them. Some of those who have been studying my work believe they have made 

this direct connection. Some have had phenomenal events occur in their lives as a 

result of their exposure to the Elohim through my material. Some people have 

come to believe that they are getting their own direct verbal communications 

from the Elohim. In one case an individual’s girlfriend began to spontaneously 

channel a voice that identiied itself as the Elohim ater visiting my conference 

call line. his connection has been was ongoing.

Obviously in scrutinizing this for yourself, you should want to know more 

about me. We can postulate that the Elohim would not make arbitrary choices 

and that this communication with me is not just happenstance. In the next chap- 

ter I’ll share a bit of my own background and the circumstances under which this 

contact started.

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